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    Form & Funk Studio

    Welcome to my experimental magic-making, joy-inducing playground where colorful products and spaces come to life.

    Artist/Builder, Mover/Shaker, Designer, etc.

    Meet Victoria Pater (she/her)✦ About ✦
    Now shipping Artful Balance Sculptures :・✱.☾˚。・゚
    Artful Balance

    Sculpture Series by Victoria Pater ✱ Exhibiting at the Dankhaus Cultural Center in Chicago ✱ May 4–June 14, 2024 ✪

    ✦ tell me everything ✦

    $5 Mid Mod Pins

    Clearance SALE ✱ Flair from the jet-setting era✦ Shop Enamel Pins ✦

    Balance & Responsibility

    Form & Funk Studio brings warmth, joy, and wonder to your space through these core values:

    Good Design

    Form & Funk is all about experimenting with shape, color, materials and production methods to bring useful, inspiring products to life.


    I am mindful of sustainable materials, production practices, and ethical employment. I proudly source and partner with humans I trust to uphold similar values.

    Groovy Twist!

    I believe form follows function… and will always vote for adding a touch of mod! retro! whimsy! glitter! big, bold color and fun! whenever humanly possible.

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