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    Artful Balance Sculpture Series

    Artful Balance is my first sculpture series and also the first time I’ve exhibited work in an art show. I’ve been professionally designing digital brands and products for the past fifteen+ years, so having a collection of handcrafted, 3D creations mounted on a legit gallery wall outside my own home is kind of a big deal.

    My explorations in sculpture started as a simple way to recycle wood cut-offs from previous renovation projects, but quickly escalated to me scouring others' scrap piles …always on the prowl for my lil shape factory. I found flow on the bandsaw and in my late night painting sessions and I still catch myself hoarding materials and piling potential compositions when just the right combo of shapes, wood grain, and colors get me excited ☻

    Full-size PDF of the Artful Balance show description and titles here

    Artful Balance by Victoria Pater

    Twenty vibrant, harmonious stacks depicting parenting in impossible times

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    Stack, Topple, and Play

    As part of the experience, I made sculpture stations by converting kid easels into velcro-coated surfaces where gallery visitors of any age could assemble their own compositions from the buckets of brightly colored shapes, brass wire, and wood grain blobs.

    The "Create Your Own Artful Balance" stations were kid-tested and mother-approved as a way to involve my lil artists in residence at home and to get my own work off the floor. Seeing others collaborate at the easels in the gallery space was full-circle cool for me.

    You can own a sculpture from the series! Now shipping ☞

    Artful Balance was part of the collaborative art show You are Invited that exhibited at Dankhaus Cultural Center in Chicago ✱ May 4–June 14, 2024.

    Installing at Dankhaus

    April, 2024

    You Are Invited exhibiting Mother/Artists
    Art installation and coloring sheets by Amanda Mulcahy
    Amanda Mulcahy created coloring sheets representing each artists' work
    Opening night at Dankhaus
    The You Are Invited show
    Prototyping sculpture stations at home

    Special thanks to:

    ❥ The Thrive Network for setting the stage for a remote residency — this entire collection was created during the month of February, 2024 and that will forever blow my mind.
    ❥ Artist/Curator (and cool neighbor) Jill Narhstedt for trusting and including a newbie.
    ❥ Sarah Cusey for helping me wrangle my words and reminding me to be authentic.
    ❥ My woodworking mentor and friend who shall not be named.
    ❥ Photographer Suzzane Brown for visiting my messy studio and documenting this moment in time.
    ❥ The Chicago School of Woodworking for allowing me to rummage and play.
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