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    Form & Funk

    In an era of throwaway stuff and fleeting experiences, Form & Funk’s Founder Victoria Pater enthusiastically creates with balance and intention. Her value-led studio believes form follows function — and she can’t help but add a groovy twist.
    As a multi-passionate artist and designer, Victoria envisions, curates, and creates the products she wishes existed. She’s a midcentury modern enthusiast who has poured years and brainspace into thoughtfully renovating her 1959 home and studio, Atomic Haus. Her desire to honor the past, while rejiggering spaces to meet her family’s current and future needs is peak strategic Victoria!✦ Peep Atomic Haus ✦

    Say hello!

    When she's not sharing her process and experience as an artist, designer, woodworking instructor, cool mom and human on the internet, you can catch Victoria Pater scouring estate sales for vintage treasures, cruising around town with the kids in her yellow bucket bike, or digging in the garden! ✦ ✦ Contact ✦
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