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    Cosmic Charcuterie Board

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    Transport your tastebuds to the stars with our Cosmic Charcuterie Board. Whether you're hosting happy hour or just pride yourself on being an excellent gift giver, this is the perfect centerpiece for stargazers, food enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the finer things in both the culinary and astronomical realms.

    ✦ Measures ~13" x 13" x .9"
    Handcrafted in Chicago from earth-side slabs of cherry, maple, and walnut
    ✦ Sprinkled with stardust (ok, it's epoxy) and finished with food-safe mineral oil and beeswax
    ✦ Hand-wash only
    ✦ Cutting on this board may leave marks, but you do you
    ✦ Variations in wood grain and galaxy design are to be expected with each intergalactic creation

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